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"Waiting at The Diner", Summit, NJ, Painting, 2016, Oils and carbon on Oleo paper, 14" x 22", ©Julie Castillo 2024.

Waiting at The Diner is a stunning painting that captures a moment of humor and charm in a quaint American diner. The artist's attention to detail in portraying the retro decor and atmosphere of the diner is truly remarkable, making the viewer feel as if they are sitting in the booth next to the subjects. The composition is expertly crafted, drawing the viewer's eye to the central figures in the scene - a man with his plumber's crack exposed and an innocent young boy sitting next to him. This painting is sure to add character and personality to any space it is displayed in.

Waiting at The Diner, Summit, NJ|Painting

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  • Archival framing advised.


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