"U.S. All Lives Matter 2020", Watercolors, Gouache, Newsprint and graphite on Oleo paper, 22" x 29.75", ©Julie Castillo 2020.

"U.S. All Lives Matter 2020", represents the times we are in and the open wounds of racism.  We all love America, and our  love for life are what is common for us all.  Togther we are always strong, divided we are weak.  Sharing this world and understanding your fellow human is a positive action.   Fearing one another amounts to nothing.  We are country of many colors yet we are all the same.  The American flag speaks volumes to the world.  Seeing the colors of our flag, I think of the unity of our nation, the foundation of our constitution and the freedom it represents.  Freedom for all!  Our flag is worn, torn and tattered today, I see our nation moving forward with hope.  Respect for all colors of the races that makeup our country.  We are all the same.

The single, large and many textured star represents a uniting of states.  The background is meant to look like American made jean material.   The stripes are worn, sewn and mended.  The words along the outside speak of the turmoil of 2020.  Thank you for viewing.

U.S. Flag, All Lives Matter 2020/Painting

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  • Archival framing advised.