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"Trails of Tears in Sandstone Cliffs", 2021, Oils, Watercolors, Pastels, Gouache on Oleo Paper, 22x29.75 ©Julie Castillo 2023. 

The year 2020 will forever have influenced all of our thoughts.  I am no different.  These are sandstone cliffs that run along the beaches in southern California.  Having grown up there, I have always loved the erosion of sandstone, the dripping of the runoff building up in various drip shapes.  Much like when you squeeze wet sand in your hands, dripping trails into a form.  In many ways, as our lives have been in the year 2020.   The run off of life, shedding pain and loss, only to take shape in a grain of sand.  Mother nature reshaping life, never ever a grain wasted!   SOLD

Trails of Tears in Sandstone Cliffs/Painting

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