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"The Train Ride", 2016, Oils, pencil, carbon on Oleo paper, 12" x 16", ©Julie Castillo 2023.

After a long day's work coming home. Art capturing the emotions, reading their thoughts and frustrations of everyday life. Translating it in my own "words" as a pencil sketch to paper. Capturing it all in the moment! Using my pencil sketch as reference, I begin a painting onto OLEO PAPER, (paper that is receptive to watercolor and to oil mediums). A very expressive material. I create with layers of both watercolors in stick form, painting with watercolors, finishing with oil sticks and oil paints. This technique allows for an expressive/drawing quality, giving volume to the form using the watercolor and oil sticks. I am inspired by observing people and intrigued as I hope you will be.

The Train Ride/Painting

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