"The Martini #1", 2022, Series, Gouache &  Watercolors on Deckle edged Oleo paper, Hand painted/drawn Lettering, 36.75" x  24.25", ©Julie Castillo 2022.

This is the first in a series of cocktail images.  "The Martini #1", of course was inspired by James Bond and my husband, not to mention the actual cocktail!  It is a cocktail that is both celebratory and legendary.  Just looking at the cocktail in a beautiful martini glass is inspiration.  The reflections, olives on a shiny stainless steel spear releasing their oils, chilled liquid in a chilled glass that is beginning to sweat.  Yum!  Shaken not stirred, little ice crystals formed.  It just begs to be painted!  I also felt the desire to recreate the time when cocktails were romantic, a retro look.  Much like the antique art I created for Ralph Lauren in the 1990's.  Gouache was my medium then. Enjoy and thank you for viewing!

The Martini #1/Painting

  • Care InstructionsArchival framing advised.