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"Sunday morning coffee at Track 5, Painting, 2023, Cranford, NJ, Gouache & CaranD'Ache Neocolorll Auarelle on Oleo paper, 12"x16", ©JulieCastillo2024

Experience a cozy Sunday morning at Track 5|Painting with a perfect cup of coffee. Sit back and relax with the "Characters" surrounding you, each enjoying their own cup under the moody warm lighting. The atmosphere creates a movie-like set, where you can enjoy the fun of being so close to people you don't know, but still feel comfortable in your own space. Nothing brings people together quite like a morning brew, conversation and the comforting warmth it brings.

Sunday morning coffee at Track 5|Painting

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  • Archival framing advised.


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            Located in Cranford New Jersey

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