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"Queenstown Public House, San Diego, CA", Painting, 2020, Oil, Watercolor, Graphite, and Pastel on Oleo Paper, 16" x 12", ©Julie Castillo 2024.

This stunning painting captures the essence of a beautiful San Diego day at the Queenstown Public House. The warm afternoon/early evening light sets the perfect tone for this scene, which features a cool delivery bike sitting out front, a bright yellow fire hydrant, and old shapely trees. The trees are the true highlight of this piece, their branches reaching towards the sky and speaking volumes about the history of this charming spot. Perfectly rendered in quick watercolor sketch style, finished with oils, this painting is a true masterpiece that will bring a touch of San Diego charm to any space.

Queenstown Public House, San Diego, CA|Painting

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  • Archival framing advised.


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