NYC Deserted Buildings, Meadowlands, NYC Clouds", 2009, gouache on canvas,19"x36", ©Julie Castillo 2020

Traveling into New York by train, large abandoned buildings come into view. I often wondered who was in these buildings, what did they do? The backdrop of modern New York City sits behind these buildings. Beginning this painting was all about these abandoned buildings and New York City. But as I was painting, I felt so much grief for all who were lost in 9ll. The painting changed to have a relationship with 911. Living so close to the city, people I love living and working there, I had to express my feelings about 911. I know I will never forget that horrific day. This painting expresses that sorrow of loneliness. Created with gouache on raw linen. Thank you for viewing!

NYC Deserted Buildings, Meadowlands, NYC Clouds/Painting

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  • Archival framing advised.