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"NYC in the Moonlight", New York, Painting, 1997, Gouache on canvas, 56" x 56", © Julie Castillo 2024

Bring the beauty of New York City into your home with this stunning painting, "NYC in the Moonlight". Originally commissioned as a commercial backdrop, this piece captures the essence of the city's iconic architecture. The artist used canvas to create a beautiful image of the SoHo district, with the moonlight casting a soft glow on the towering buildings. While many of these structures have since been demolished or transformed, this painting is a timeless reminder of the city's rich history and enduring charm. Add a touch of sophistication to any room with this original work of fine art.

NYC in the Moonlight, New York|Painting

SKU: New York City Street/Painting
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  • Archival framing advised.


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