"Kilauea Volcano", 2018,  Oil paints, Oil sticks, Oil pastels on Oleo Paper, 30" x 20.3", ©Julie Castillo 2020.

Having seen the active volcano caldera just days before it's massive eruption was mind boggling. I really felt small. It impressed upon me the truth that we are mere specs on this earth. The natural fauna and growth amongst the Volcano National Park's surroundings, the Kilauea caldera fire within, the surrounding mountains that were collapsing, in the distance the volcano, Mauna Kea, was too much to go unrecorded in a painting. The old and the new earth were being created before my eyes! I really felt as if I was feeling the earth as I shaped the oil paint on the Oleo paper. It is thick paint, like the mountains and the red fire! The colors of nature I tried to emulate. The Hawaiian Islands are breathtaking!

Kilauea Volcano/Painting

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  • Archival framing advised.