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"Race Point #2, Cape Cod", 2020, Oils, Watercolors, Gouache, Carbon and Oil pastels on Oleo paper, 29.75" x 22", ©Julie Castillo 2023.

This painting was originally inspired by a beach on Cape Cod called Race Point.  This is the second in a two part series.  One of the most beautiful things about this beach is that it stretches forever and you can actually see the bend in the earth.  I began this painting sometime in March,  the Covid situation was just beginning.  Paintings tend to evolve and this one certainly has.  For me, this is a painting evoking a positive outcome for us all.  A feeling of hope.  There is light at the end of all we have sacrificed.  
Expressive gestural painting with the pallet knife and oils adding texture to give the painting more feeling.  Where there are grey clouds, sunlight will always break through to warm and guide you.

Race Point #2, Cape Cod, MA/Painting

SKU: Race Point #2, Cape Cod, MA/Painting
  • Archival framing advised.