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Deep Cove Cottages, St. George, Maine|Painting, 2022, CaranD'Ache Neo Colorsll crayons, gouache, watercolors, on watercolor paper, 9"x12.25", ©JulieCastillo2024

Experience the serene beauty of St. George, Maine with this stunning painting of "Deep Cove Cottages". Created in 2022, this piece is crafted with CaranD'Ache Neo Colorsll crayons, gouache, and watercolors to bring the tranquil atmosphere to life. The painting captures the bright and clean sunshine of Maine, showcasing the shimmering clarity of color and gorgeous light. The islands in the distance invite adventure, making this painting a perfect addition to any art collection.

Deep Cove Cottages, St. George, Maine|Painting

SKU: Deep Cove Cottages, 2022, St. George, Ma
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  • Archival framing advised.


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