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"Beating the odds, Hawaiian Surfer Ripping in turbulent waters", HI|Painting, 2021, Watercolors, Gouache and Oil Pastels on deckle edged Oleo Paper, 29" x 38.5", ©Julie Castillo 2024.

While in Hawaii, I viewed this Hawaiian surfer attacking this stormy wave.  Our lives have been so challenged through Covid.  I really feel like this Hawaiian surfer represents my life during Covid.  The sea can be so turbulent, it can drown you in an instant.  Sometimes you don't know which way to go.  In the end, you find your way to "master the wave".  There really is no other way.  Facing the challenge to overcome the odds.  
Creating this image using water mediums fit the subject matter.  Watercolor moves with the paper, sometimes going it's own way.  I like to take a chance with paint, sometimes losing control of the paint, including a few drips.  Finding my way back, the "out of control" creates depth.  The style is loose and expressive, yet tight, just like the surfer!
Enjoy & thanks for viewing!  SOLD

"Beating the odds, Hawaiian Surfer Ripping in turbulent waters", HI|Painting

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