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"Allegory", 1992, Gouache on raw canvas, 120" x 55", ©Julie Castillo 2023.

"Allegory" was inspired by the loss of a very close family member. I am not a religious person, but the thought of moving to another sphere/realm of afterlife seemed like an easier way to deal with death. To think you could possibly be alive in another way?? Where do we go when we are gone? Who chooses who should live and who should die? These are questions that we all ask ourselves. People make their mark on us and then they are gone. It affects us all. One person can touch so very many people in so many ways.
The original painting was created with gouache on raw canvas. This drawing/painting was created in this style to show more expression, in keeping attention on the intention first. Getting the meaning down. The painting is currently un-stretched and would be delivered via a large tube. It would have to be professionally stretched and installed.
My hope is that you will think about life and death in a more enlightened way


SKU: Allegory/Painting
  • Archival framing advised.