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"Odeon", 2016, Oils, pencil and carbon on Oleo paper, 16" x 12", ©Julie Castillo 2023.

The mood was right to create this piece, dinner at The Odeon, very romantic. The waitress and the restaurant were lit perfectly. Sketched this piece quickly. While fresh in my memory. In the studio, creating the piece on lovely Oleo Paper, ever so adaptable and as strong as canvas. Watercolors and watercolor sticks used to begin the painting giving it a good base. Oils are next along with oil sticks, building and giving more depth. The whole process takes a few months. I always have something being created and drying at the same time. This was a really fun piece and challenging not only with the figure, but stretching the perspective. I hope you like it!


SKU: Odeon/Painting
  • Archival framing advised.