"Ná Pali Coast, Kauai, HI", 2018, Oil, Watercolors , Oil sticks, Oil pastels on Oleo Paper, 17.5" x 29.375", ©Julie Castillo 2020.

Looking and being near the Nā Pali Coastline on the Island of Kauai is so awe inspiring and unbelievable. You gasp at the natural beauty and understand why the Hawaiian's ancestors lived here. It's cathedral like beauty is astounding. I felt compelled to create something that could move me as well as suggest the unusual beauty of this place. Color and more unusual color, rainbows, jagged colorful mountains, sky forever, active clouds and a tiny, tiny sailboat explain this gorgeous Island! Spectacular place!

Ná Pali Coast, Kauai, HI/Painting

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