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"Lake Surprise", Mountainside, NJ, Painting, 2014, Watercolor and Egg tempra on watercolor paper, 10.25" x 14.25", ©Julie Castillo 2024. 

Experience the serene beauty of Lake Surprise in Mountainside, NJ with this stunning watercolor and egg tempra painting by Julie Castillo. Created in 2014, this original piece measures 10.25" x 14.25" and captures the clear reflections of the fall colors on the lake's surface during sunrise. The peaceful and quiet spot was the perfect location for a Plein Air painting, resulting in the true and beautiful colors depicted in this artwork. Add this masterpiece to your fine art collection and enjoy the tranquility of Lake Surprise for years to come. 

Lake Surprise, Mountainside, NJ|Painting

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  • Archival framing advised.


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