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"Before the Crowd", RocknJoes, Cranford, NJ, Painting, 2013, Egg tempra & Watercolors on watercolor paper, 11.8" x 5.9", ©Julie Castillo 2024.

Before the Crowd painting by Julie Castillo, available exclusively at our Original Fine Art Store. This stunning piece captures the essence of RocknJoes, a popular local coffee shop in Cranford, NJ. The use of egg tempra and watercolors on watercolor paper creates a beautiful blend of colors and textures. Measuring 11.8" x 5.9", this painting is the perfect addition to any coffee lover's art collection. Don't miss out on the chance to own a piece of Cranford's history with Before the Crowd.

Before the Crowd, RocknJoes, Cranford, NJ|Painting

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